Why Us?

We are a cost effective clearance solution and we do the manual work for you. We also actively recycle re-usable items through local charities.

Most people consider ordering a skip, thinking this is the cheaper option but there are a few things to bear in mind:

    What size skip will you need?
    If could find you have more waste than originally estimated. If you need to get a second skip or overload a skip there will incur extra costs.

    Where will the skip be sited?
    If you plan to site the skip on the public highway, a permit will be required for which the is usually is a fee. You will also have to provide the time and labour to fill the skip.

    Unauthorised use of your skip.
    For the time the skip is sited at your property others could take advantage of your skip by adding their rubbish to the skip you have paid for.

    What will you be putting in the skip?
    Items such as domestic appliances, TVs, computers and all electrical items are considered controlled waste and covered by the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. If these are put in a skip, they may be rejected or incur an extra fee for disposal.

Our friendly and efficient team will consider all the aspects of the clearance so you do not have to and provide you with a quote for the work to be carried out. Compare us to the cost of a skip - you will find that our charges are very competitive and when you consider the labouring is done for you, it can be very cost effective.

You can request items to be sorted or kept to one side for you when removed.
Care is always taken not to cause any damage to property and we will even sweep up afterwards.

Most re-usable items such as furniture and textiles, are donated to local charities. All metal is recycled at a local station.
Any remaining items are taken to a reputable transfer station where they will sorted and recycled to reduce the amount going into landfill.
If required, a waste log and supporting documentation can be produced to you for the disposal of the items along with before and after photographs.

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